What’s Up Wednesday – Moviehouse Giveaway (11-22-2017)

What’s Up Wednesday – Moviehouse Giveaway (11-22-2017)


What’s up my friends?  If you’re like me, then the answer is cooking.  Lots and lots of cooking.  Tomorrow the answer will be eating.  Lots and lots of eating.  🙂


Farmhouse Delivery Giveaway Winner!

Before I jump into today’s What’s Up Wednesday post, I need to wrap up some boring business first.  Yeah yeah … I know.  Sorry.  But, I really do need to announce who won yesterday’s fabulous $50 giveaway to Farmhouse Delivery!  (And the crowd goes wild ….)  🙂

The winner of the $50 Gift Card to Farmhouse Delivery is:


Kendra Hays


Congratulations Kendra!  Email me at angelique@fourpointsmom.com to claim your prize!


Moviehouse & Eatery Giveaway Announcement!

Today I can barely contain my excitement that I have a $100 Giveaway from Austin’s Moviehouse & Eatery!  Moviehouse & Eatery is sponsoring 2 guest passes, a $50 gift card, 2 t-shirts, a popcorn coupon … all in this super cute bucket.


Moviehouse Gift Bucket


Yeah, I’m jealous of whoever wins this!

You know I love The Moviehouse & Eatery here in the Four Points Area of Austin.  I posted just a couple weeks ago about how my girlfriends and I recently saw A Bad Mom’s Christmas there.



Girls night outs at Moviehouse are a blast because we all meet up in the bar area and socialize a bit before the movie starts.  Then, we head in to our seats and can order off their incredible menu.  Some of my personal favorites are the nachos, brussel sprouts, and the backyard BBQ pizza.  Plus, they make a mean Mexican Martini!

But the theater is also great for date nights and family movie excursions.  My husband and I have enjoyed plenty of date nights there and we’ve taken the kids there to see Finding Dory and Cars 3.

In case you haven’t been to Moviehouse, it’s a theater where you can reserve your exact seat ahead of time and you can order food and drinks throughout the show.  Plus, did I mention the seats are lush leather recliners?


Moviehouse recliners


How To Win the Moviehouse & Eatery Giveaway

Alright, alright, alright … I’m sure you’re dying to know how you can enter today’s giveaway from The Moviehouse & Eatery!  All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me how you’d use the $100 gift bucket to Moviehouse.  Would you enjoy a date night?  Take the family to the movies?  Grab some girlfriends and enjoy some girl time?  Just leave comment telling me how you’d use it and you’re entered to win!  You can gain additional entries by commenting on today’s Facebook post and Instagram post.

I’ll announce the winner on Monday!  Good luck everyone!




In case you’re somewhat new to the blog, one Wednesday every month I link up with a few other ladies’ awesome blogs (like Mix and Match Mama) and share some random and fun things that are going on in my life.

Each time I answer the following questions:


What's Up Wednesday Questions


Last month’s post was super fun, so let’s do it again today!


1. What We’re Eating This Week …


I hope you all saw yesterday’s post in which I told you all about Farmhouse Delivery.



This was dinner on Sunday and we still have some yummy poached chicken and veggies leftovers.



I encourage you all to check out this locally-based organic delivery service.

I’m also already ramping up for Thanksgiving meals, though, and made this macaroni and cheese recipe for Foster’s preschool Thanksgiving feast yesterday.  This has become my “go-to” mac and cheese recipe ever since I first made it for Parker’s Easter breakfast-themed party in April.  I’ve since made it 3 other times, including Foster’s birthday party.  It’s SO delicious!



Today is a BIG baking day for me too.  I’ll be throwing together the Pioneer Woman’s Pecan Pie with this Basic Flaky Pie Crust.  Don’t worry – I have back-up Pillsbury refrigerated pie dough … because I know myself and like to be prepared.  LOL.  I’m also making my mom’s delicious chocolate pie recipe.

Did I mention I’m gaining 10 pounds this week?

To see these recipes and find other fall-themed recipes that have my mouth watering, check out my Fall Recipes Pinterest board.  And don’t forget to Follow me there!




2.  What I’m Reminiscing About …


Yesterday my aunt, uncle and cousins came to town and we watched a few old videos from nearly 30 years ago.  My grandfather passed away about 8 years ago and we all enjoyed reminiscing about those days.  And, look at how cute I was.  Now I see where Foster got his “I can’t naturally smile for photos” gene from …



3.  What I’m Loving …

I’m still gushing over these jeans you guys!



I’ve worn them approximately 1,435 times since buying them a couple weeks ago.  Okay, that’s probably a slight exaggeration.  But, I love how I’m not constantly pulling them up through the day.  All of my other jeans seem to loosen as the day goes on and I find myself grabbing them by the waistband and yanking them up all day long.  Does anyone else have that problem?


4.  What We’ve Been Up To …

We’ve done a whole lot of nothing since we got back from our Northern California vacation earlier this month.  It’s been glorious.

We had family game night on Friday.



Foster is now obsessed with learning about electricity.  He got this Snap Circuits game for his birthday and loves being able to put it all together and make the light come on or make the fan start.  I love watching his little brain soak it all in.  This is a perfect game for little ones who enjoy science experiments and figuring out how things work.



Parker is showing signs of an interest in puzzles and we had a blast playing Perfection together.  I thought she’d be too young but she loved it!





5.  What I’m Dreading …

Ummm, right now I’m dreading how much is on my plate today.  I’m wrapping up this blog post early in the morning, working until our company shuts it down a little early this afternoon, and baking all those pies.  And did I mention I don’t have child care today?  EEK!


6.  What I’m Working On …

The Month of Giveaways here on Four Points Mom has been intense!  Do I need to remind you how many giveaways have gone out already?  I do?  Okay then ….



Although it’s been a blast treating all of you with exciting giveaways from local businesses, I’ve been working around the clock coordinating everything.  This leads me to the next topic …


7.  What I’m Excited About …




8.  What I’m Watching/ Reading …


Dinotrux, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and Toy Story.  Yep, I haven’t had much “me” time lately.  I have been listening to a few audiobooks that I can’t wait to tell you all about in next week’s Four Points Mom and Books post.  Here’s last month’s post in case you’re wanting some ideas.


9.  What I’m Listening To …


I’m definitely needing some “me” time – can’t you tell?  LOL.


11.  What I’m Wearing …

Okay, my jeans are getting mentioned two times today!  Also, I’m still wearing my Uggs around the house all day and as much as I can get away with out of the house too.  The beautiful yet sunny and almost warm weather isn’t making it easy for me to do so though!




12.  What I’m Doing This Weekend …

Putting up Christmas lights and praying that my husband and I manage to climb on the roof without breaking our necks.


13.  What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month …


I have to be honest, though, and admit that I’m a little sad that it seems like most people are already 100% in Christmas mode.



Okay, that’s a bit harsh but I thought it was funny.  🙂

Not only do I want to wholeheartedly experience Thanksgiving but I almost have anxiety now because I feel like I’m already so very far behind in Christmas planning.  HOLD YOUR HORSES EVERYONE – let’s wait until Friday to break out the Christmas PJs and Christmas movies!


14.  What Else Is New …

We’re potty training again.  Since we’re home for 5 days in a row, I’m trying again with Parker.  Fingers crossed (and prayers please) that it works.  Last time she was almost fully potty-trained when she came down with a stomach bug.  So, I’m hoping she picks it right up again.  You may remember, though, that I’ve written about how I’m my biggest obstacle when it comes to potty training.  Reading that post always makes me laugh so hard.



That’s it for me today!  Don’t forget to sign up for the Four Points Mom Weekly Wrap-up Email that shows up in your inbox once a week.  This way you’ll be able to quickly review snippets from last week’s posts to see if you missed one.


And don’t forget to comment below about what you would do with a $100 Moviehouse Gift Card!


Have a fantastic day!