Friday Favorites with Four Points Mom (11-10-2017)

Friday Favorites with Four Points Mom (11-10-2017)


We’re back with another SPECIAL Friday Favorites today because I’m announcing the winner of Wednesday’s Giveaway who will receive beautiful custom artwork from Plume Jolie Designs and I’m telling you all about today’s Giveaway, a FREE 30-minute massage with Austin Muscular Therapy!  After my busy week, I know I would love a massage but I’ll instead treat one of you lucky readers with one.

If you’re new to my Friday Favorites posts, I’ll just quickly let you know that every Friday I link up with a few amazing blogs and recap my favorite things from the past week.

Keep reading to find out who won the Plume Jolie Designs Giveaway announced on Wednesday and find out how to enter today’s giveaway.

Let’s get to it!



Surprise Trip to the Bay Area 


Golden Gate Bridge


Last month we randomly booked a trip to San Francisco … with our kids.  Yeah, we’re a little crazy.  I’m the type of person that likes to have trips planned months in advance and enjoys planning out trips so that I see everything on “the list” before we leave.  My husband:  not so much.  A few weeks back he decided he was going to take Foster on a trip when he had a few days off that week.  Big shocker, but did you know it’s difficult to book airfare and hotels the week of the trip?  LOL.  He did learn that airfare to San Francisco this month was unusually reasonable, though, so we decided to book a trip.


Sea Lions


I’ve been to Northern California several times for both work and fun, but I’ve NEVER experienced as beautiful weather as what we were blessed with this week.

By the way, this bag is AMAZING for trips with your kiddos.  I love it!  Plus, it’s cheap and you can pick from several colors and patterns.  My friend, Miranda, recommended it a few years back and it’s been my go-to bag for traveling with kids ever since.


Naked Bottom


Someone had an accident as soon as we got to the beach.  Of course mom took this is an opportunity for the cutest photos ever.  😉




Okay, this video cracks me up.  We stopped in to enjoy a gorgeous sunset at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay.  The outdoor terrace was full of people listening to a gentleman play the bagpipes to mark the sunset.  It was a serene moment.  But here are my kiddos.



LOL.  This is what parents do after being on a trip with a 2-year-old and 5-year-old for four days.  We just let them have fun.  🙂




I’ll post a more detailed post on the trip soon, but I had to share a few photos because the trip was definitely my favorite part of the week.



Bad Moms Reunite 

River Place Bad Moms


Last night me and 50 other friends in the neighborhood took over The Moviehouse for the 9 o’clock showing of A Bad Moms Christmas.



A bunch of us all went to see the first movie together last year and when we saw a second one coming out we knew we had to do it again.  Plus, we wanted to celebrate our friend Kari’s birthday.

If you’re a mom, grab a friend and run to the theater to watch this show.  I laughed SO HARD you guys!  It’s not quite as raunchy as the first Bad Moms, which I appreciated.  But it still had some of that dirty (yet funny) humor.  Plus, who doesn’t love laughing about how ridiculous us moms can be sometimes?

*If you were one of the 5 people in the theater who weren’t with our group, please let me apologize for the other 49 inappropriate women laughing, clapping and yelling throughout the showing.  I take back what I said earlier … I don’t know any of them.  And please excuse the lady who thought Christine Baranski was Joan Rivers.  I definitely don’t know her …  How do you not know who Christine Baranski is and that Joan Rivers passed away a few years ago!  LOL.  I’m looking at you Joslen.



Plume Jolie Designs Giveaway Winner


Plume Jolie Giveaway


So, which one of you lucky readers is about to get their holiday decorating into high gear with this beautiful watercolor and gift tags designed by Four Points’ own Whitney Janisch of Plume Jolie Designs?


Lacy Strelec


Congratulations Lacy!  Email me at to arrange delivery of your beautiful art.  You have 48 hours to reach out to me to claim your prize.  Or I’ll just see you at carpool in an hour and tell you about it there.  😉

If you didn’t win, I’m sorry but don’t fret too much.  You have several more chances to win a giveaway this month starting today …




Austin Muscular Therapy Giveaway

I am so excited to reward one of you lucky ladies with a 30-minute massage from Randa AlSarabi of Austin Muscular Therapy.  Massages are one of my luxury purchases I frequently indulge myself in.  When I’m stressing out about a big event or just having a rough week, a massage can make it all better.

I first learned about Randa with Austin Muscular Therapy from the trainer at my gym.  I mentioned that my back and shoulders had been holding a lot of tension and I couldn’t seem to get rid of it.  He said that Randa was amazing and that she could conduct massages right downstairs at River Place County Club.  Talk about convenience!  A few weeks ago I finally got around to booking a session with her.  She managed to leave me feeling relaxed while also relieving some of the pain in my back and shoulders that I couldn’t seem to fight away.  She really honed in on my problem areas which I appreciated the following week.  Thanks Randa!

Randa is fairly new to the Austin area, having moved here just two years ago.  Her specialty is orthopedic work which focuses on chronic pain and injury, limited range of motion, and general body mechanics.  In speaking with her I learned that most of her clients turn to her when they’re having specific injuries or soreness related to sports, exercise, and such.  However, she also can finely tune the treatment into general relaxation, rain drop, and will soon start doing hot stone massage!



I wish this was my only to do list – anyone else feel the same?  🙂

For orthopedic, relaxation, and deep tissue massages, her normal pricing is $90 for an hour, $115 for 75 minutes, $135 for one and a half hours, and $180 for two hours.  If you’d prefer a rain drop massage treatment, the price is $70 for 30 minutes and $110 for 60 minutes.  The rain drop treatment includes a relaxation massage.

For those of you who aren’t lucky enough to win today’s giveaway, you can still get a great deal from Randa.  She offers $20 off for first-time clients and 15% off for you special readers as a Four Points Mom referral discount.  Just let her know I sent you!  Plus, if you choose to get a friend or family member the wonderful gift of massage for the holidays, you can get 15% off a future session!

To enter the giveaway, comment below, on today’s Four Points Mom Facebook post, and/ or on today’s Four Points Mom Instagram post.  You will be entered to win up to 3 times for commenting on each platform.  The winner will be announced on Monday.  Good luck everyone and get to work on your three entries!


I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!