15 Toddler Gift Ideas that Parents Will Love

15 Toddler Gift Ideas that Parents Will Love


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15 Toddler Gift Ideas That Parents Will Love

As a mom to a two-year-old and a five-year-old, I mostly look forward to experiencing Christmas through my children’s eyes.  The joy.  The surprise.  But, I have to be honest and acknowledge that there are some gifts that I get super excited for them to receive and there are other gifts that I dread them opening.  (Yeah, I’m talking about play doh, noisy toys without volume control, huge plastic toys that take up half a room, and those toys requiring complete hands-on assistance from an adult).  So, today’s post is for those of you who are shopping for toddlers this holiday season who don’t have toddlers.  Here are great gifts that not only toddlers will love, but their parents will love too!


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1.  Rain Gear



Living in Texas, raincoats and boots aren’t exactly a top priority for most parents.  But, when it starts raining you better believe we all wish we thought about buying them for our kiddos beforehand.  You can help alleviate stress during a surprise rain storm by providing the perfect rainy day outfit.  Plus, every kid I know loves colorful rain boots, umbrellas, and rain coats.

Although Foster’s jacket is sold out, you can find a similar one here.  And his rain boots light up!  Here’s the newer version of them.

My favorite rain coats for little girls are made by Hatley.  They are a bit thicker and keep kids warm as well as dry.  The inner lining is a soft terry cloth.  So nice!  In the picture above, Parker has on their farm animal print.   The newest Silly Kitties Print is adorable too.


And, Parker’s pink sparkly rain boots also light up.

Toddler Rain Boots

And don’t forget umbrellas!  Parker’s pink butterfly umbrella has a clear area that allows her to look out of while holding it close to her head.

Foster’s usually runs around with the shark umbrella pulled down close to his head, referencing the Jaws movie’s … “Dunuh … Dunuh …”

Want to make this a robust rain-themed gift set?  Get creative and throw in a homemade rainy day box!


2.  Wireless Headphones


Many parents of toddlers allow some screen time whether it’s on a tablet, television, or even a parent’s smartphone.  But, remember what I mentioned at the beginning of the post about toys that are noisy?  Yeah, you can do better than buying a gift that doesn’t make noise.  You can buy wireless headphones that help eliminate existing noise.

We have these headphones for our kids and they have helped keep the peace during several long car and plane rides.  The kids will love their new headphones (and you can pick their favorite color too).  But, their parents will think of you every car and plane ride especially, enjoying the fact that they don’t have to listen to the Daniel Tiger theme song one more time …  Plus, to get best family member or friend award you could even get the Amazon Fire tablet to go with them.  😉


3.  Nice Shoes


Nice Toddler Shoes

When I first came up with the idea to write this post, nice shoes was the first gift that came to mind.  Why?  I think it’s because I always want to buy nice shoes for my kids but I typically talk myself out of it. “They’ll grow out of them so fast … What if they scuff them up the first time they wear them …  $30-plus for a kids pair of shoes does seem ridiculous.”  So, when we receive nice shoes as a gift, I’m thrilled.

I really love Natives for both boys and girls.



We recently bought this pair of Natives for Foster and they are transitioning really well into fall.  Plus, the laces are stretchy and he can slide them on without having to do the laces each time. Even better – they’re on sale right now!  If you’re looking for a boot, these boots are awesome for toddler boys!

The sparkly silver Natives were Parker’s favorite shoes all summer (and fall actually).

Also, Parker received a pair of Uggs last year and these were perfect all winter.  I love this new style available this winter.

Other favorites of mine are these Stride Rites like this pair, these brightly-colored sneakers, and of course Toms are a classic style year-round.


4.  Scooter



If you’re searching for a present that not only makes the parents happy but will also surely be loved by the kids, look no further.  There’s a reason why kids love scooters.  In my experience, young children can learn to ride them very quickly especially when compared to bikes.

Plus, a three-wheeled one like the one in the photo below has enough stability for older toddlers.



Our son’s friend who lives down the street is five and she’s been cruising around on it for a couple years now.  Also, many scooters can fold up and easily be thrown into the back of a car or into a bag.  I speak from experience –  parents love items that don’t take up tons of garage space!

Our son has the two-wheeled Razor scooter and he’s a huge fan.  He got it for his fifth birthday, but he could have easily gotten one a year earlier.

I do recommend that you only get one with tons of positive reviews.  We tried out a cheaper scooter a few years ago and it was really wobbly.  The ones I’ve linked to above, though, are solid and super easy to ride.

5.  Responsibility Chart

A couple weeks ago we started a responsibility chart with Foster, our five-year-old, and I’m kicking myself that we didn’t start it earlier.  This responsibility chart has turned our daily lives upside down … in the best possible way.



Foster is so excited to help out around the house doing his chores.  Plus, two-year-old Parker “practices” her chores too.  I wrote a little more about how amazing the chart has been for us in last week’s Friday Favorites.

6.  Jewelry Box


Little girls start accumulating jewelry very early and pretty soon they’ll have a dozen bracelets and necklaces strewn all through the house.  Give them a beautiful jewelry box and you’ll be helping their parents keep a few more toys off the floor.  Plus, the little girl will love listening to the music and watching the ballerina spin.

If you’re looking for other creative gift ideas for toddlers, Shawna at MishMashMommy can help you out!

7.  LuggageDuffel Bag

iconWhen a toddler receives the first piece of luggage, they’ll feel so big and important.  His or her parents will be relieved that they don’t have to try to fit the child’s things into their bag anymore.  I can remember getting my first piece of luggage and I loved getting to pack it and throw in my favorite games and toys for short trips.  The stylish purple one below will last years and as the little girl grows up she’ll grow into it.

Little boys will love having their own Dino Camo Bag too.

You can take it up a notch by getting one monogrammed with the child’s name.  Both of my children were given monogrammed duffel bags from Pottery Barn Kids and they love them.


8.  Backpacks and Lunch Boxes



Speaking of Pottery Barn Kids, you can’t go wrong with one of their backpacks or lunch boxes.  You’ll have tons of patterns and colors to choose from, so you can be sure to find one the child will love.  Plus, you’ll likely encourage the parents to finally throw out their overused backpacks and lunch boxes that haven’t been replaced in years.

Two years ago our nanny, Joanna, bought Parker the PBK backpack pictured above that was super cute and just her size.  However, we quickly learned that it was too small to really fit inside it anything she needed for school.  Then this past year she got her a new one that was a bit bigger.  Now I can carry it too.  😉



I was so happy both times – Joanna read my mind!  I had been looking online at the different options for months and couldn’t decide which one I liked the most.  Plus, they were kinda pricy and I hadn’t pulled the trigger. So, thank you Joanna!


9.  Picture Books


Many parents spend every night reading the same picture books over and over again at bedtime.  Well, a fun new picture book to mix up the monotony of reading the same books every night will be much-appreciated!  Here are a few of our family’s favorites.

Goodnight Moon


Where the Wild Things Are



Press Here

This is such a fun book to read with little ones.  We even chose this book to take to Foster’s school last year for a special story time.  The kids loved it!


Dragons Love Tacos


This is our most recent book to add to our little library, and the kids give it two thumbs up.  It’s a book that will have the parents and kids giggling.  


10.  Costumes & Dress-up Clothes


If you look around while you’re out and about these days, you’ll likely find at least one toddler in a costume of some sort.  Plus, most of our play dates now involve the children dressing up in various different costumes at some point.  Kids just love dressing up!

Add to their dress-up clothes selection and make every toddler girl’s dreams come true with this Disney Princess Dress-Up Trunk.  But dressing up isn’t only for girls.  Little boys will love this collection of dress-up clothes.


11.  Magformers



Foster has been playing with Magformers for a couple years now and he still loves them.



They’re one of those toys in which you can keep adding on to your collection with fun add-on sets including vehicle parts or even a counting booklet.



Personally, I love Magformers for toddlers because they’re super easy to use and toddlers can spend tons of time playing on them.  Even if the child is too young to truly build with the magnets, toddlers will enjoy the feel and pull of the magnets.  Parker would walk around with a few of the magnets just pulling them apart and putting them back together at a very young age.  Then all of a sudden it clicked and she could start building with them.



12.  Sleeping Bag



To my kids, having a sleepover simply means that the two of them get to sleep in the same room.  Every so often, we pull out their sleeping bags and let them watch a movie in the play room and sleep there overnight.  Who knew that young children will beg you to do something so easy (and free!).

Treating the kids to their own, unique sleeping bag is a great gift.  You can find some reasonably-priced sleeping bags with every pattern you can imagine. Boys will love this alligator one and girls will love sleeping mermaid-style.



13.  Wooden Toys

I’ll be honest, we have plenty of plastic toys lying around our house.  In general, they don’t bother me but I love the look and feel of high-quality wooden toys.  They last forever (or at least through two toddlers based on my experience) and they look nice on playroom shelves.

My mom has given Foster a few of these Fagus wooden trucks, and they are so nice!

They are expensive, but hands-down they are the highest quality wooden toys we have in our house.

I also love Melissa and Doug’s line of wooden toys.


These colorful blocks are a good size for young toddlers.  They are small and easy to move around, stack, and use to build towers.  As our kids have gotten older, they still pull them out and incorporate them into whatever castle or city they are constructing.

We have several of the Melissa and Doug wooden carrier vehicles like this one.


In general, you can’t go wrong with Melissa and Doug toys because they hold up well, are nice and colorful, and are reasonably-priced.  Looking for more ideas for gifts for toddler boys under $50?  You should check out this list!



14.  Winter Coats


Toddlers lug around their winter coats to and from preschool for several months, enduring serous beatdowns along the way.  Buying a new jacket or coat is on every parent’s to do list, so you will be saving them time and money!

Personally, I love The North Face winter coats and fleece jackets.  I usually buy them a size too big and then my kids can hopefully get two winters out of them.

In Texas, the lighter fleece jacket is used for those cooler mornings between October and March.  My two-year-old daughter has been wearing this one for two years now.  And it’s only $40!  We picked this fleece jacket up for Foster during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  The heavier (yet super soft) puffy coat gets us through the coldest days and nights between November and February.   This coat is currently 35% off and little boys will love it.  This pink puffy coat keeps Parker super warm and it is super-soft.


15.  Activities




Last, but not least, a toddler’s parents would LOVE to have you gift an activity or class to their toddler.



We’ve had relatives pay for swim lessons, gymnastics class, and Sportball.  This is super helpful because they add up quite quickly!  Plus, you will have amazing bragging rights when the toddler grows up to become an Olympic swimmer:  “Yeah, I’m the one the paid for her first swim lessons.  It’s pretty much all because of me.”  😉


This post is one of many participating in a Gift Guide Blog Hop.  For the full list of those participating, click here.  You’ll find plenty of other ideas, such as gifts that are creative and educational.


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