Friday Favorites with Four Points Mom (11-17-2017)

Friday Favorites with Four Points Mom (11-17-2017)


We’re back with another SPECIAL Friday Favorites today because I’m announcing the winner of Wednesday’s Giveaway who will receive a free inflatable rental with Austin Bounce House Rentals and I’m telling you all about today’s Giveaway, a FREE haircut from Renee Lynch, Hair & Makeup Stylist!

If you’re new to my Friday Favorites posts, I’ll just quickly let you know that every Friday I link up with a few amazing blogs and recap my favorite things from the past week.

Keep reading to find out who won Wednesday’s Austin Bounce House Rentals Giveaway and find out how to enter today’s giveaway from Renee Lynch, Hair & Makeup Stylist.

Let’s get to it!




School Picturesicon

My absolute favorite from this week has to be this year’s school photo of Foster and Parker together.


I just want to hug them right now through the computer!  🙂



The End and the Beginning of Soccer

After a few months of picking flowers off the field during practice and games, Foster finally received his soccer trophy this past weekend.


Can you tell he was a little excited?



Although it literally took him the majority of the season to get into it, he really got the knack the final two games.  He scored 4 goals this past Saturday and 2 goals on Sunday.



We’re so proud of him!  As a parent it’s so funny to sit back, trying not to get overly into these games, and let the kids just have some fun.  Then you hear yourself screaming like a crazy person when you watch the videos.  Ha ha.




Mother Jeans For The Win 


A few weeks ago my friend Joslen told me that I had to check out Mother Jeans from Nordstrom.  I was very skeptical because it’s hard to hear mother and jeans together and not think of …




But you guys they fit amazing!  Here’s a photo of the ones I bought last week from the Nordstrom website:



The jeans are definitely higher-waisted than many of the other “traditional” jeans out there now.  They aren’t meant to be the super high waist jeans, though, that are trendy right now.  You can wear them with any normal top or sweater and they just nicely hug around/ hide any muffin top that some of you might have (because of course I don’t have that problem).  Ha ha.  I hope you can sense my SERIOUS sarcasm there.



I love how they are stretchy but don’t look too spandex-y.  And they squeeze you in just right.  😉  **And I must point out that this is the first time I’m posting selfies of me in my clothes.  Please excuse my terrible photos and know that I’m about a size 8 or so in general.  I’m no size zero.  I wanted to throw that out there so you have an idea of how these might look on you and your beautiful unique self.  🙂



You can also find my cute new Halogen sweater here.  It’s actually on sale right now too!  It’s a cashmere blend that is so soft – I love it.  And the booties from the top photo are the Toms ones I bought during the Anniversary Sale this past July and they are also on sale right now.

I’m on the shorter side (or as my 5-year-old carpooler Sailor says, “I’m a shortie.”).  🙂  So, the jeans actually hit right below my ankles which work great with booties and flats.   Plus, I love the frayed edge at the bottom of the jeans.  I wanted to find a pair with a frayed edge but no holes in them and these were perfect.



There are several other styles within the Mother brand, though, so check it out. They have plenty of pairs that don’t have frayed edges or holes and some that do have holes.  You can certainly find what works for you!  They ran true to size and as I’ve always heard about jeans, if you’re in between sizes choose the smaller size because they’ll stretch out slightly over time.





Winner of the Austin Bounce House Rentals Giveaway

My other favorite of the week was Wednesday’s giveaway of a free inflatable from Austin Bounce House Rentals.


Austin Bounce House Rentals


As I’ve mentioned, the kids loved the inflatable combo of a bounce house and slide we had at Foster’s party last month.   I was thrilled to hear that Austin Bounce House Rentals wanted to treat one of you with a free inflatable rental for your next party.  So, who won Wednesday’s giveaway of a free inflatable rental?


Paula McCoy


Congratulations Paula!  Email me at and I’ll get you set up with your winnings!  And, as always, keep checking back because we have at least 6 more giveaways this month.



Renee Lynch Hair Cut Giveaway

Today I am super excited to treat one of you lucky readers with a free haircut from Renee Lynch.  This is approximately a $50 value!  This cut will include a wash, blow dry and style.  You’ll be ready for a night out afterwards!  😉

I’ve been to Renee a few times now and she’s worked wonders with my fine, sometimes lifeless hair.  You guys might remember my photos from the Girls and Giving Night with Partnerships for Children.



Renee styled my hair that night when I was just wanting to do something a bit different (and enjoy someone else doing it)!   Here’s what I looked like before I danced the night away … she did a great job!



After meeting her that day, I went back to her to have her try something fun with my color and cut.  This was the before photo.



Oh my gosh – I had no idea how horrible my hair looked.  I have a lot of hair but it is super fine.  I’m sure many of you can relate with the fact that my hair today is NOTHING like my hair from five years ago.  After having kids it completely changed.  It doesn’t hold curl as well and it used to not be quite so fine.  I love you kids, but thanks.

Well, thankfully Renee worked her magic.



Didn’t she do an amazing job?  I just can’t get over it!

When I met with Renee I had a TON of questions for her about hair care in general and what she wished her clients listened to her about.  Here are just a few of those questions and answers that I thought I’d share with you.


  • What advice do you give that you wish more clients actually listened to you about?  Use color-safe shampoos and conditioners purchased from salons or salon-associated stores.  This will help you avoid stripping the color out of your hair.  You can still buy the products from Ulta if you’re wanting to save a bit of money, but buy them from a salon-associated store to ensure you’re getting high-quality products that aren’t near their expiration dates.  It truly does matter!  The other piece of advice is get your hair cut on a regular basis.  A fresh cut looks better, keeps your hair from splitting and helps it grow faster.


  • What’s the biggest “don’t do” piece of advice you give?  Don’t wash your hair daily!  When you do so you’re stripping your hair of natural oils.


  • How often should we wash our hair?  If you can hold out for 2 or 3 days, that’s best.


  • My hair is fine and starting to thin, what should I do?  Play around with changing your part – that can help your hair look more full.  Also, avoid ponytails if you can.  As far as products go, you can think about those that thicken as helping raise your hair up a bit and those that add volume as helping your hair look fuller out (if that makes sense).  You might also look into extensions, whether the Halo or crown kinds.


  • What do you wish people stopped asking you to do with their hair?  The Jennifer Aniston look.  I can’t believe I still get asked to do it all the time!


  • What do you think about balayage?  I can do balayage but I spend a lot of time talking with clients about what it actually is because most people don’t understand it.  I did some balayage with your hair, but we also used foils near the top of your head because you didn’t like the drastic appearance of roots when a previous stylist did it on your hair.  It can look amazing, but the stylist and client need to be on the same page.


  • What’s your favorite styling product?  My Chi Hairspray!  I also love the entire Privana line of products.


  • What’s your favorite styling tool?  I like most of the Conair Curling Irons.  They’re reasonably-priced and last forever.


Even if you don’t win today’s giveaway, I encourage you to reach out to Renee at or give her a call at 505.620.8963.  Whether you’re looking for a cut, color, hair styling, makeup styling, Halo extensions, or Pravana products, Renee can help you out! She is also Pravana Artistic Educator which means she truly is a master in color and styling, and she travels all over the country conducting workshops for new stylists.

Renee works out of her studio at Maison De Beaute off of 620 and Hatch Road.  You can find more of Renee’s work on her Instagram Page.  Follow her to get great ideas for your next style!



To enter the giveaway, comment below, on today’s Four Points Mom Facebook post, and/ or on today’s Four Points Mom Instagram post.  You will be entered to win up to 3 times for commenting on each platform.  The winner will be announced on Monday.  Good luck everyone and get to work on your three entries!



Have a great weekend everyone!  The countdown to turkey and family begins.  😉