Four Points Mom Does Giveaways with Tiff’s Treats

Four Points Mom Does Giveaways with Tiff’s Treats


We’re ending the Four Points Mom Month of Giveaways with a BANG.  Or maybe I should say CRUNCH?  MUNCH?  NOM NOM NOM?  What does it sound like when you’re devouring cookies?




Today I have a very exciting giveaway for you … a $50 Gift Card to Tiff’s Treats!!  Keep reading to hear how you can win this mouth-watering prize, but first I need to announce the winner of yesterday’s giveaway from Dream Dinners.  The winner is …


Joslen Koester


Wow, congratulations Joslen!  I’m sure you’ll have an amazing experience at Dream Dinners and you’ll have friends lining up for you to invite them to the Girls Night Out event.  Thankfully you can bring nine of them with you, and if you need to fill a spot I can take one for the team and be a room filler.  😉

In case you want to catch up on my reviews of several local businesses and review all of the giveaways this past month, here you go:


Now let’s talk COOKIES!

Tiff’s Treats


As many of you know, I went to UT and have vivid memories of enjoying Tiff’s Treats cookies while studying, hanging out with friends, and maybe even considering a few tasty cookies as breakfast when I was out of groceries.  Oh I miss my 20-year-old self’s metabolism.  So, I have a 15-year relationship with this company and was giddy with excitement when Tiff’s Treats offered to provide a giveaway to one of you lucky readers.  And then I freaked out when they offered me a basket to try out myself.  Yum!


Tiff's Treats


We’ve had Tiff’s Treats a few times since we moved back to Austin so they were ecstatic when they saw the beautiful bag of cookies arrive again!


Tiffs Treats Bag


It felt like Christmas in early November!
The packaging is just beautiful!


Tiffs Treats Cookies


The package I received included several types of cookies, including snickerdoodles (my favorites), chocolate chip (Parker’s favorites), M&M (Foster’s favorites), as well as peanut butter and oatmeal chocolate chip.  





We were also treated with a milk, chocolate milk, and TiffBlitz (which was an amazing cookie dough ice cream concoction).  WOW!  This blog thing certainly has its benefits!

And speaking of the packaging, I love the new holiday packaging they offer.  What a great Christmas gift for colleagues and family friends!




Steiner Ranch Opening

Before I get to the giveaway, I want to quickly highlight that Tiff’s Treats is opening a new store in Steiner Ranch on December 16th!  Mark your calendars and show up to celebrate the opening.  The first 40 customers in line will get a $100 Tiff’s Treats gift card!  All others in line at that time will get a $10 gift card.  Woohoo!  Plus, stick around to meet Andy Roddick from 9 am –  11 am as the opening is benefitting the Andy Roddick Foundation.  For more information, check out the site here.

Tiff’s Treats Giveaway

Tiff’s Treats is offering one Four Points Mom reader a $50 Gift Card.  So, how can you get your hands on this fantastic prize?
You can get one entry for one comment on any (or all) of the following: this blog post, today’s Four Points Mom Facebook post about this giveaway, and today’s Four Points Mom Instagram post about this giveaway.  So just comment below and you’ve already increased your chances of winning.  It’s that easy.
Good luck everyone!  Check back here tomorrow for the winner!