Friday Favorites with Four Points Mom (2-9-18)

Friday Favorites with Four Points Mom (2-9-18)


Well, hello there!



I’m back with another Friday Favorites this morning and I’m ready to have a happy Friday.  How about you?

This week has been a bit crazy around here.  My husband’s birthday was yesterday, he left for a ski trip with his ski buddy, Ben, yesterday, and my mom’s birthday is this weekend.  I’ve had a ton of not-important-but-I-still-spend-a-ridiculous-amount-of-time-on-them errands to run and I’m ready to relax this weekend.  🙂

In case you’re new around here, I love throwing together a Friday Favorites blog post.  These are totally random slices of favorites from the past week or so.  Here’s a link to my last Friday Favorites to give you some back story.  You can also search for Friday Favorites in the top menu if you’re really curious, bored, or just LOVE this post.  Ha.  For better or worse, let’s get to it!






Last week we finally got around to checking out Songs for Seeds in Bee Cave.


Songs for Seeds


If you haven’t heard of it, Songs for Seeds is a weekly, 45 minute, interactive class in which your littles ones can rock out with three teachers/ musicians.

Instrument Selection


The kids got to pick out their own instruments to play with at one point during the class.  Look at the joy on Foster’s face!




The class is geared for kids up to the age of 6, and both of my children had an absolute blast.  They’re already asking when they can come back.

Songs for Seeds even had bubbles!



Sorry – some of these videos are shot vertically (which is a pet peeve of mine) but that is the best way to post videos and photos on Instagram Stories.  Technology is hard.

And at the end they let the children play on the “real” instruments.  Maybe both of my kids somehow have musical abilities despite both their parents not having any …



My description of the class doesn’t do it justice, so you just need to reach out for your free demo class to try it out yourself.  I’m waiting for an opening in the only class that works with my work schedule, but they have openings that might work for you.  Check out their website and request your demo class today!  Tell Amy, the owner, you heard about it from Four Points Mom!  She’s super sweet and I’m proud to say she claims to love my Four Points Mom and Books posts.




My winter hair is finally under control thanks to Living Proof!

I think I’ve mentioned before how my hair today is nothing like it used to be before I had my kids.  I used to have a head FULL of hair and it wasn’t too oily or dry.




Well, unfortunately now it’s not so full and is either oily or dry.  Thanks hormones.  However, I took advantage of a Black Friday deal on Living Proof hair care and I’m smitten with the results.  I know the quality of the photo isn’t great, but here’s a photo of my mom, cousin, Madison, and myself from a couple weeks ago.  All I did was blow dry my hair and then use hot rollers.  So easy.  I know – my hair doesn’t look absolutely amazing.  But it looks much better than it used to when I did this.



Here’s what I’ve been using.





You should also check out the Living Proof Dry Shampoo.  On days when I don’t feel like washing my hair (okay, on most days …) I use this.  So easy and my hair looks clean.






My new hard drive makes the list this week.


Last month my external hard drive that held all of my photos failed to load a few times.  Then it just stopped working al together.  Yep, you heard that right.  ALL PHOTOS!

Thankfully I do back-up my computer fairly regularly but when we moved over my photos to the external drive there ended up being two periods of time (the first year of Foster’s life and between January and May of 2017) that somehow didn’t get backed up.  Those periods of time also didn’t end up where my photos are saved in the cloud.

Picture me ugly crying here.


I do have the ability to get some of these photos from Shutterfly and from Jarrod, and I’m trying to be thankful I have the rest of my thousands of photos.  However, we quickly bought a couple things to store and back up my photos moving forward.  So, here’s my PSA.  Get an external hard drive and back up all of your photos now.  Every month or so do it again.  Here’s the one we just bought.  It’s huge and very reasonable in price.

Buy one.



Don’t find yourself in my shoes hoping someone else has the first photo of your kid smiling.  :/


That’s it today – short and sweet.  I had bigger plans for this post, but Parker woke up at 6 am and has been extremely needy this morning.  Momming must come first.  🙂


As always, leave a comment below, email me, or message me to let me know what you’d like to read about here on Four Points Mom.