Friday Favorites with Four Points Mom (1-5-18)

Friday Favorites with Four Points Mom (1-5-18)


It’s the first Friday of 2018 and, if I’m honest, here’s how I’m feeling:



I’m feeling great about 2018.  So Great!  It’s been a long time since I’ve been excited about what the future holds for my family, for me personally, for my career, for my blog, and for everything in between.  I’m just excited and HAPPY.

So, let’s dive into the first Friday Favorites of 2018.



First off, my kids are each just in wonderful phases.



They have been out of school since mid-December and I honestly still feel that way!  Those of us with children know we have our ups and downs, and this month has been a lot of ups.  Hallelujah!

Foster has not only been kind to his sister (most of the time … for three straight weeks …. ahhhh) , but he’s also really started to love on our cat, Stu.



And Stu loves him back about half of the time which is as much as can be expected with the constant tugging, picking up, and hugging.

And Parker is in a total mommy-n-me phase which I love.



I bought Parker and myself matching aprons on Etsy for Christmas and she loves helping me cook now.  She literally asks me every evening “Can we cook now?”  It might be because she ends up “snacking” for an hour with me, but I’ll take the quality time with her.  (Sidenote:  this girl’s hair is out of control with static and general messiness.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated!).



What took me so long to get to Enchanted Rock?



Last week the four of us plus the kids’ Uncle Dan hiked Enchanted Rock and we lucked out with a break in the freezing cold temperatures.



Foster and Dan probably took over 100 photos together heading up the rock because every rock and puddle of water was “so cool” in Foster’s eyes and he wanted to make sure and document it.  Silly boy.




I’ll be honest, this is how Parker hiked.



But, she had a blast and I burned more calories carrying her half the way up the rock while my husband did the rest of the work.  Win win.



And, here’s the reward at the top:  A very cool view.



If you haven’t been, I wholeheartedly recommend a half-day or day trip to Enchanted Rock.  The drive from our house was under two hours.  We combined our morning hike with a swing by Fredericksburg on the way home (and maybe a little fudge from Fredericksburg fudge).   Fredericksburg is less than a half-hour from Enchanted Rock and definitely worth the quick trip.




I’m not going to do a big recap of Christmas but I do want to tell you the few gifts that completely rocked.

Parker’s scooter!


Parker has been scooting around right after Foster on her new scooter and I’m so happy Santa got it for her.  😉  She’s had a Big Wheels and a tricycle and a Strider bike … but she hasn’t figured out how to move around independently on those yet.  She can race her brother on her scooter though.  Yay for independence!

Foster loves his Lego Boost Robot.


This was a big splurge, but it paid off.  Foster loves legos and he loves his iPad.  This allows him to use both at the same time.  Mind.  Blown.

One of my favorite gifts is my Instant Pot!


I’ve only tried out one recipe but I’ve already joined this Facebook group and started researching my next recipes.  If you have one, leave a comment with your favorite recipe and/ or tips for newbies like myself.




We stopped by the new Austin Central Library yesterday and it didn’t disappoint.



There’s been a ton of hype about this new downtown library’s grand opening, but I hadn’t seen much written about the offerings for children.  Well, let me be clear – your little ones will have a blast there.



It’s the largest children’s area I’ve seen in the Austin area and not only are there tons of children books (and a completely separate teen area which is super cool), but there are a few areas set up for quiet playing.



We played with legos for a bit.  And, yes, it was very crowded when we went yesterday but I imagine it will slow down once schools across Austin area back in session.



There was also an area for puzzles of all skill levels.



And, of course, we spent some time at the computers.  Even Parker found a game she could play!



However, I was most excited to be able to get Austin library cards for each of us – for FREE!  Until last month, most River Place residents had to pay $150 each year for a library card.  When the neighborhood was annexed last month, this is one of the new perks (along with the increased taxes and rumored-to-be decreased level of services).  Oh well, I’ll take my free library card that will allow me to check out audiobooks online!

Word of advice, before you go, don’t bother with the underground parking garage at the library.  When we went, it showed that there were over 20 empty spots.  Fast forward to me and 15 other cars circling the parking garage to discover that the only available spots were reserved or for electric cars.  Lovely.  We drove two blocks over and found parallel parking on the street next to Trader Joes for 3-plus hours and only paid a little over $3.  Stress-free!



The last thing I want to highlight is how exciting it is to see my grocery delivery and curbside services reviews picking up HUGE traffic lately.  If you haven’t checked them out yet, start with Day 1 of my week of reviews from August.



I had such a blast this summer researching and writing about my experiences with these services.  (Spoiler Alert:  I signed up for a year-long membership with Shipt because it was my favorite!).  Also, did you know that H-E-B now offers curbside pickup at the Anderson Mill and 620 location?  This is now the closest location to get curbside pickup and I can’t wait to try it out.

But, I now want to ask you guys if there are any services or products you’d like me to review.  My goal is for this site to be an amazing resource for you so let me know how it can be.  Leave a comment below, email me, or message me to let me know what you’d like to read about here on Four Points Mom.


That’s it for me today.  Have a great weekend you guys and stay warm!