Checking Out Hat Creek Burger in Lakeway

Checking Out Hat Creek Burger in Lakeway


Hat Creek Burger Company is a well-known local burger joint with various locations around the greater Austin area.  When I saw the coming soon sign in Lakeway a few months ago, I couldn’t wait to check it out with the kiddos.

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Hat Creek Playground Front


The new Hat Creek location in Lakeway is truly beautiful.  And the playground out front is completely enclosed which is very nice for parents of toddlers who are potential runaways.




Lakeway Hat Creek Red Chairs


Hat Creek offers quite the selection of burgers, sandwiches, chicken tenders, salads, and more.  Click here to see the full menu at Hat Creek, but you can tell from the signs that you have tons of options.  Also, please don’t pass up a milkshake.  You won’t be disappointed!


Hat Creek Menu


The Lakeway location has plenty of indoor seating as well as a large outdoor covered patio.


Hat Creek Inside


I love the slatted wood details and the large picnic tables.


Hat Creek Outside Seating Area


We stopped in for lunch on a Thursday and there was plenty of seating.  If this location is as popular as the Westlake location in the coming months, I’m sure that will change.

Now, let’s talk about the yummy food!  

We ordered burgers, fries, sweet potato fries, fruit, a salad, and milkshakes.


Hat Creek Food


I love simple burgers that aren’t gigantic, so I love Hat Creek burgers.  The fries are also delicious.  I wouldn’t order the sweet potato fries again (and instead would order normal fries), but they weren’t bad.  They just weren’t as good as the normal fries.

My mom ordered the Berry Salad and it looked amazing.  She said it was much better than she expected and was better than anything else she’s ever gotten at any other burger joint.


Parker Salad


Even Parker wanted to try it.  And she loved it!


Parker eating salad


But we all definitely loved the burgers too.


Eating Hat Creek Burgers


Parker Eats Hat Creek Burgers


And of course those milkshakes!  Parker had a birthday cake-flavored one because she is obsessed with birthday cake anything.


Parker Drinks Milkshake


Foster ordered the Dirt Worm milkshake and was a happy boy because of it.


Foster drinking milkshake


Foster under table


On to the Playground

The playground is right next to the outdoor seating area so the kids “tested” out the playground while we waited for our food and couldn’t wait to get back out there after they were finished eating.


Hat Creek Lakeway Playground


Foster Running Hat Creek Playground


Foster Climbing Hat Creek Playground


The playground is made of plastic and metal.  Most of it was cool to the touch when we were there in the heat of the day.  But, the slide was too hot to go down.  This was the biggest disappointment, especially since this is brand new equipment.  Haven’t playground manufacturers figured out how to make cool-to-the-touch equipment yet?  Oh well.


Parker Walking Hat Creek Playground


The playground worked well for the ages of both of my kids, but I doubt it would greatly entertain older elementary-aged kids.


Foster smiles


Foster hangs upside down


We’ll be back for sure.  If it wasn’t because of the fun playground it would be for the milkshakes.


Hat Creek Milkshakes Lakeway Playground


I found out yesterday that Hat Creek wants to give one of my lucky readers a $60 gift card.  I’m so excited!  I plan to do more giveaways so keep coming back so you don’t miss any!  Just follow the instructions below to see how you can win:


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Winners will be announced on Wednesday!

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