Show & Tell Tuesday: What’s In Your Bag

Show & Tell Tuesday: What’s In Your Bag


In today’s Show & Tell Tuesday I’m taking you on a very exciting tour of ….


the inside of my bag.


Okay, not too exciting but kinda fun.  Another mom blogger, Andrea, hosts a link-up in which every other Tuesday we show and tell you something.  This week it’s all about the inside of our bags.  I don’t know about you, but I love finding out about my friends’ favorite beauty finds, kid “must-haves,” and just random favorite products.  Plus, it makes me feel good when other moms have bags that are full of messy random stuff like mine.   Maybe you’ll find something in my bag you want to try out.  Maybe you’ll just laugh at the randomness.

And don’t forget to check back in tomorrow to find out who won yesterday’s Hat Creek Burger Company giveaway!


Barrington St. Anne Tote Bag

Let’s start off with the bag itself.


Four Points Mom's Barrington Bag


This was an awesome birthday present from my mom this past year.  She wanted to get me a nice, new bag but wanted me to pick out what I wanted.  I’ve seen the Barrington bags all over the Internet lately and knew I wanted one.  What’s really cool about Barrington bags is that they are completely customizable.  I picked out the style (the St. Anne Tote) and then could even specify the color of leather trim, pattern, and the monograph of course.  I wanted something that could work both in the summer and fall and I’m super happy with my choice.  Plus, the fabric is durable and I’ve already experimented with this durability by seeing just how much grime and kids’ dirty fingerprints can be wiped off.

Okay, now what exactly is in the bag … uh oh, this is going to get scary.


Barrington Bag Contents


Yep.  I warned you.  I love tote bags because I can throw any and everything in them (as you can clearly see from the photo).  If you follow Four Points Mom on Instagram you might have seen this photo from the summer.



So, yes, I tend to just throw tons of stuff in there. I’m a mom!  I have tons of stuff to carry all. the. time.  🙂  But, I love how this bag gives me several pockets of varying sizes to use when I’m feeling organized.  And, as a side-note, I would like to point out that pre-kids I used to carry cute tiny bags with just a wallet, phone, and lipgloss.  Life was easier back then … but tote bags are much more my style these days.


Makeup Bag

Let’s start with dissecting my makeup bag.  If I’m honest, this bag doesn’t get used on a regular basis.  But it’s here just in case.


Makeup Bag


I inherited lovely dark undereye circles and no matter how rested I am I often get the “you look so tired!” comments.  Just in case you’re wondering, don’t say that to anyone unless you KNOW they are tired.  It’s somewhere up there with the “how far along are you?” questions asked of women who aren’t pregnant.  It just doesn’t make anyone feel good.  Currently I’m carrying  Bye Bye Undereye by IT Cosmetics in my bag and I really like it.  It’s thick, though, so sometimes I stick with my other lightweight concealers like Clinique’s All About Eyes Concealer and  Bare Minerals Stroke of Light Brightener.  I don’t use foundation or powder so it’s a struggle finding something that covers the dark circles but doesn’t stand out against the rest of my bare skin.  I’m open to suggestions!

I also stick with the old faithful Maybelline Great Lash Mascara.  I’ve tried all kinds of mascara and typically come back to this one.  I can remember watching my mom put this on when I was a little girl.  Crazy how this product has withstood the test of times!

I also have some Cover Girl Lip Gloss, Revlon lipstick, and chapstick that my company gives out at conferences.  Usually I stick with chapstick but when I do want some color on my lips I put a quick coat of the lipstick on followed by the lip gloss.


Other Face, Skin, and Hair Care Items 



The checkout line marketing is obviously working well for EOS Lip Balm.  I can only pass it by so many times before NEEDING to try the new flavor.  I do like the Sweet Mint one I currently am using.  And Parker loves smearing it all over her face every time she gets the chance.

Next you see my absolute must-have face product, the Rodan + Fields Reverse Broad Spectrum 50+ Sunscreen.  I wear this on my face every day.  It goes on very light and doesn’t make me breakout which most other moisturizers with SPF do.  I don’t sell Rodan + Fields but I do love several of their (overpriced, ahem) products.  😉

I also threw my Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar in my bag this week.  The recent drastic changes in weather are causing my skin to dry out.  I’m keeping it in my bag for now so I have it to dab on when my face feels too tight and dry.  I’ve used this for years.  My husband even likes it because it just goes on simple and feels clean.  No perfumes.

My hairstylist recently sold me on Kevin Murphy’s Doo.Over, a dry powder finishing hairspray.  It’s similar to a dry shampoo but also holds your hair a bit.  And it smells great.  I have the travel-sized bottle for my purse.  You’ll have to find a salon that carries this one.  I’ve been going to West Salon by Leah and really like Leah.  It’s right by The Moviehouse.  If you’re looking for an awesome dry shampoo, though, I recommend Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo.  It’s pricey but worth the money to me.  It’s a huge bottle and stays with the rest of hair care items in my bathroom.

And, of course, every mom loves a good travel-sized hand sanitizer.


Random Mom-Stuff

You know you’re a mom when your bag has more things in it for other people than it does for yourself.



So, you can see I’ve got some baby wipes, antibacterial wipes, pull-ups, bandaids, mini brush (because too often I got to school in the mornings and realized I hadn’t brushed Foster’s hair), fidget spinner, granola bar for the kiddos, and hand wipes (that our waiter gave us after an excessively messy recent dining experience).  Wow, I never thought of myself as a germaphobe but I’m now realizing I have a ton of germ-reducing items in my bag.

And yesterday I randomly threw in Parker’s Amazon Fire and Foster’s headphones into my bag.  I’m confused as to why I don’t have the matching pair and instead one of each, but not surprised all things considered.  I’ve told you how much we love the reasonably-priced tablets for our kids and the headphones have brought some sanity back to me when I’m driving long distances with the kids.  When I dumped out my bag I had just finished up dropping my kids off up in Georgetown with my mom (yep, that’s a long trip in my books … ha ha).


Remaining Must-Haves in the Barrington Bag

And I’m embarrassed that I’m still looking through my bag …



We have my wallet (yay for Coach Outlet sales), my keys, Dentyne Ice, a tampon, travel-sized tissues, a pen, my tylenol container (which is full of Aleve actually), and my Bath and Body Works coupon of course.

I was shocked to find these Kendra Scott Earrings in the bag.  Oops – I really should take better care of my “nice” things.

And my favorite item in my bag has to be the wine bottle opener.  LOL.  I promise this is not normally in my bag, but it cracks me up nonetheless.  After the kids went to bed the other night I walked down to my friend’s house for some girl time.  I grabbed a bottle of wine and absently grabbed the bottle opener too (out of habit).  It’s still in my purse.  🙂

I’ve had these Kate Spade Sunglasses for about a year now and still love them.


Kate Spade Sunglasses


And I’m pretty proud of myself for still having them to begin with … as I might have a problem with losing sunglasses occasionally.

Okay, that’s it.


I’d love you to share with me the funniest thing currently in your bag.  Can you beat a wine bottle opener?