Welcome to Four Points Mom!

Welcome to Four Points Mom!

Hi there!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a mom in the Four Points Area of Austin wondering what this new website is all about.  Well, Four Points Mom was designed to support moms in Austin’s Four Points Area as they go about their busy, daily lives taking care of their family and themselves.

Keep reading and you’ll find out more about the site and why you’ll want to check back here regularly to find out what’s going on in your community.

Why FourPointsMom.com?

If you’re like me, you spend a good portion of your time searching for classes, activities, events or even just something different to do with your children.  For example, just a couple months ago I spent several hours online trying to find a summer camp for my four-year-old.  But, I kept realizing that most of the camps that sounded like a great fit were actually more than thirty minutes away (without traffic).  As a working mom with another toddler, that is too far of a drive for us.  It got me thinking … and FourPointsMom.com was created.


We need a website specifically designed to support moms in Austin’s Four Points Area.  Let’s mostly focus on all of the great activities and events going on in our community.  (I’ll refer to this as being within the “child-friendly drive zone.”) This way, moms can go to one site and find resources on kid-friendly restaurants or playgrounds that are within a reasonable distance from their homes.  They won’t have to waste their precious time filtering out East or South Austin results when looking for “Austin splash pads.”


Four Points Mom will remind you of all of the great activities and businesses here in the Four Points Area.  When you’re looking for new ideas for family activities, upcoming events, summer camps, kid-friendly restaurants, etc. … you can just go to one place: FourPointsMom.com.


When you’re ready to pull your hair out while sitting at the same playground for the third time this week or growing tired of the same froyo dessert treat with your kids: FourPointsMom.com  can provide you a list of other nearby treat spots.


Check it out!

I encourage you to spend some time clicking through the site.  The main sections include:


The Four Points Directory


  • In the Four Points Directory, you’ll find lists of summer camps, restaurants with playgrounds and kids eat free nights, indoor activities, and more. If you spend a lot of time at your neighborhood playground, you need to check out the Playgrounds and Parks page.  Here, I’ve included photos of area playgrounds to help you decide whether to venture out to a new playground.  We have a ton in our area – try out one that’s right down the road to change things up a bit!  My goal is to write a post about each one in the coming months so check back in to hear my thoughts and recommendations.  Plus, my to do list includes adding more resources in the directory so check in frequently and give me suggestions of what you’d like to see.  Next on the list is All Things Water as we head to splash pads and pools this month!


The Events Calendar


  • Under the Events Calendar, you’ll find a calendar of ongoing and one-time events that you might want to add to your personal calendar. Whether you’re looking for a fun night under the stars listening to music with your kids or just looking for a quiet storytime with your littlest ones, you can find any and everything here.




  • This SafeMom section is where you’ll find my posts about keeping kids safe. For nearly ten years, my career has allowed me to help organizations keep the children they serve safe and protect them from abuse.  I’ll occasionally write SafeMom posts geared towards the mom’s perspective and how you can keep your kids safe.


Ongoing Blog Posts


  • On the home page you’ll see updates from me a few times a week as I share my experiences out and about the Four Points Area. I’ll provide my two cents on kid-focused activities, restaurants, and more. For better or worse, you’ll get to know me a bit more.  I hope you’ll also chime in with your comments.  Your feedback will only further help out fellow moms checking in here.


Before you go …

Remember, though, the site is BRAND NEW!  It still has that “new car website” smell.  But, this is just the beginning.  Over time, I’m going to expand it and hopefully make it the one-stop-shop for you and other Four Points moms.


I hope you enjoy the site. I truly want this site to serve you and our community of moms who are trying to do it all while maintain a little sanity along the way.  Let me know what you think!