My Story


Hi!  Welcome to Four Points Mom!

I’m Angelique.  I’m a wife and mom living in the Four Points area of Austin.  I spend my days juggling a part-time gig as an attorney, managing a household, and playing mom to two high-energy toddlers.  I love traveling, reading chick lit books (okay, mostly listening to them as audiobooks …), longhorn football, Target, eating tex mex, and my alone time while jogging (off the queso) on a beautiful day.

For the past ten years, my husband and I spent short stints in Dallas, Austin, Seattle, Wisconsin, and finally made it back to the city we know is right for us:  Austin!  What an answered prayer our neighborhood in Austin has been!  “It takes a village” to raise children and I’m blessed to have found my village of dear friends.

Before going part-time at work this year, I travelled all over the world helping organizations protect children from sexual abuse.  But this million-miler mom realized she wasn’t able to give 100% to both her career and her kiddos and decided to scale back on work. It’s been wonderful!  I now work from home and have the luxuries of both worlds:  I’m able to be more involved with their lives and I still get to “adult” a bit while helping my clients with the important task of child safety.  Plus, I have more time with my husband who has been my rock and best friend for nearly two decades now.

My perfect night nowadays is when the kiddos are in bed on time, there’s a glass of wine in my hand, and I’m watching a show snuggled up on the couch with my husband.  Or, if we don’t have the kiddos for the night, I love going downtown doing pretty much the same thing except typically my mom is the one who puts the kiddos to bed at her house.  😉

Thanks for stopping by!  I’d love to hear from you … send me an email, like and follow me on the Four Points Mom Facebook page, follow me on the Four Points Mom Pinterest account … just say hi in whichever way you want.