Austin Birthday Party Venues

Austin Birthday Party Venues

The Four Points Area of Austin offers a huge selection of venues for you to choose between for your child’s birthday party.  Here’s a list of some local spots that we’ve either visited ourselves or have heard about from friends and family.  If I missed one, please let me know!  Email me at



Art Amore



Located in Jester, Art Amore can provide a “fun unique party experience full of art and activities that will make it an occasion to remember.”  The venue ensures artists enjoy games, fun treats and videos, crazy fun art projects and leave with unique and beautiful pieces of art.  According to the website, the party fees are “$30 per artist with a minimum of 5 artists participating.” Events run 2 hours with additional tear down and setup time unless otherwise negotiated. Basic party paper supplies (plates, napkins etc) are provided.  ​



Catch Air


Catch Air has several party options for your kiddo, depending on how many kids and whether you would like to rent out the entire facility for a private party.  Pricing starts at $149 for a weekday party up to 8 kids.  You can also book packages including pizza, goody bags, ice cream cups, and balloons.
One compliant I’ve heard is that this place can get quite crowded on weekends, but if you have older kids or just one there shouldn’t be a problem.  Plus, to be honest, I’ve heard several friends who haven’t experienced crowds.  🙂

Ceramics Bayou



At Ceramics Bayou, you can reserve the party room for groups of 8 – 24 or rent out the entire studio for more people.  Each child can choose their piece of pottery and paint it during the party.  Four days later, you can come and pick up the finished pottery to deliver to your guests.

*I would recommend this party venue for kids that are able to sit still for quite some time.  We went to a party here with four-year-old boys and girls and the boys were way too rowdy.  I spent the entire time chasing Foster around praying he didn’t knock over someone’s beautiful, customized ceramic piece they spent hours painting.



Champions Gymnastics

(Westlake location)


 Your child can have a birthday party with gym time supervised by certified instructors providing hands-on instruction at each station, including the bars, beam, foam pit, and more.  Pricing starts at $285 for a 90-minute party.

*As a side note, Parker takes gymnastics class here and I’m super impressed with their staff and variety of activities available to children even at the age of 2.  Compared to the two other gymnastics places we’ve frequented, Champions Westlake is my hands-down favorite!



ChampionsTX Gymnastics

(Lake Travis and WAYA/ Central locations)



​The first hour will consist of gymnastics, trampoline, and open play and then there will also be time for games, dances, parachute, and more playing.  You bring your birthday supplies, including cake, snacks, juice, etc.  Champions will supply 12 balloons, 2 buffet tables, 2 coaches, and 1 t-shirt for the birthday child.



Crenshaw Athletic Club



If your child is between the ages of 4 and 10, Crenshaw Athletic Club can provide a gymnastics or swimming party for them.  The instructors can guide the children in games in your area of choice.

*One downfall to this venue is that children under 3 cannot participate in any of the gymnastics activities (with or without parents).  I went to a party here recently and had to keep Parker with me the entire time (as she begged to be able to participate with her brother and friends).  Next time I’ll leave her at home if she’s too young!



Hop N Happy



At Hop N Happy your kids can bounce to their hearts’ content on a variety of bounce houses, obstacle courses, and slides.  Plus, there is a foam pit!  Parties start at $189.  You can also rent out the entire facility for a private party if that works best for you.

A friend of mine recently hosted a party here and rented out the entire facility.  I heard the adults and children all had a great time.  The venue is small enough that the adults were able to chat together without having to follow their kids around non-stop.





JumpStreet offers a wide variety of party packages for your kiddos.  For children under 8, they are limited to the Earthquake Kids area (which is geared towards kids their age).  Prices vary from $5 per person to $20 per person depending on the age of child and day of the party.  Plus you can order pizza, drinks, and cakes through Jump Street.



The Little Gym



For kids between the ages of 1 and 12, The Little Gym can customize a party for your kid, whether that’s a party with a pirate, princess, or Dora the Explorer theme.  We used to take classes at The Little Gym and I was very impressed with the enthusiasm of their staff.

Plus, my son had a blast at his friend Ethan’s party there last year.  🙂  To read my full review of The Little Gym, click here.


Main Event


Main Event offers a huge variety of activities and games for your children whether that’s laser tag, bowling, mini golf or arcade-style games.  Party packages start at $15.95 per person.


Birthday 360 @ Riverbend



Riverbend Church has a huge indoor playscape in which you can have your own private party, including various video games with huge video screens, basketball, air hockey, and more.  Packages start at $545.


Rolly Pollies



A party at Rolly Pollies provides 90 minutes of fitness, frolic and fun for ages 1 through 9 years.  The cost for a weekend party is $300 which allows you private access to the facility up to 25 children.

Foster attended his friend JD’s party here and it was truly a wonderful facility for 4-year-olds!




Thinkery overview from upstairs


A Thinkery party gives your children and friends full access to museum exhibits, a private room and options for hands-on, educator-led activities.  Birthday parties at Thinkery are offered on Saturdays and Sundays and pricing starts at $195 for members.  There are several party options for your kids that can be customized to your child’s age and interests.  To read more about why we love the Thinkery, read my Thinkery Austin Review.