About this Site


Being a mom in the Four Points area of Austin is amazing!  We have great schools, parks, neighborhood activities, and (to top it off) beautiful hillside and lake views. But, it also means that most fun activities, restaurants, events, etc. going on in Austin are just too far of a drive (especially when you’re hauling monkeys children along with you).

Over the past couple of years, I found myself searching online for fun activities, classes, weekend events, … really anything to get out of the house with my kids/  Too often, I’d find what I was looking for, and then realize it would take me over an hour to get there in Austin traffic.  Sometimes I’m up for a drive, but most of the time I just want to find something within about 20 or 25 minutes of a drive.  This got me thinking …

What if there was a website with a focus on the community of Four Points moms (and dads)?  It could be a place where parents like me could go to find tailored lists of events, activities, kid-friendly restaurants, recommended services, and more.  Plus, I could blog about my “momming” experiences, and hopefully make it a fun place for other Four Points Moms to regularly stop by.

So, here I am!  My goal is for this website to be the first place moms in our community (well, actually the Four Points and beyond) turn to when trying to keep some sanity while doing it all.  I’ll regularly be posting about my experiences (and yours too hopefully) with local places of business, activities for kids, classes for kids, camps, preschools, kid-friendly restaurants, … you get the idea.  You’ll also find a list of local resources and businesses as well as an updated calendar of family-friendly events.

I want this website to help you!  Please email me at Angelique@fourpointsmom.com with any suggestions or requests for content.  Or, just reach out to say hello!