Four Points Mom Reviews Austin Bounce House Rentals

Four Points Mom Reviews Austin Bounce House Rentals


Earlier this week I posted all about Foster’s Dinosaur Birthday Party.  The party was so much fun for Foster, his friends, and even the adults.  What?!?  Adults can have fun at a kids party?  Well, we did!

Part of the reason we had such a great time was due to the party rentals provided to us by Austin Bounce House Rentals.  Keep reading to learn how you can take advantage of a unique promo code provided only to Four Points Mom readers!


*Austin Bounce House Rentals offered to provide my party with some of their popular items in exchange for an honest review of their services.  These are my honest opinions.


Super Combo 5-in-1



Okay, I’ve been to parties with bounce houses and the kids have tired of it after about 30 minutes.  The Super Combo 5-in-1 kept the kids entertained well after the party ended.

The Super Combo 5-in-1 includes a typical bounce house inside where the kids can jump around and get all of their energy out.


Austin Bounce House Rentals


Plus, there are steps inside that kids of all ages can climb up.



And, when the kids get to the top they can slide down.



Sliding headfirst probably isn’t the safest way … but you get the idea!  Or, some kids even spent time climbing up the slide.



Even though they went up and down it random ways – nobody got hurt!  (Or at least I didn’t hear about it.)

The Super Combo does take up a TON of space, so you’ll want to make sure you have the space for it at your party or event.  But, if you do have the space, I think it’s worth the difference in price from the basic bounce house to the Super Combo.  Plus, if you’re taking advantage of the discount I’ll include in just a sec, it will definitely be worth it!

I loved how the Super Combo is designed to basically prevent any kid from falling off the slide.  I’ve been to parties and events in which the bounce house-slide combos were not designed in such a way, and kids routinely were bouncing onto the ground.  That just didn’t happen with the Super Combo.



Plus, the Super Combo was in excellent condition.  It was very clean!


Carnival Games and Tables & Chairs

Austin Bounce House Rentals can also provide your event with a variety of carnival games.  The Giant Connect 4 was actually a hit with some of our younger kiddos.


The bright colors of the activity really popped and I routinely saw parents with toddlers hanging out here so the kids tried to put the rings on the stand.

We also set out the Cornhole Game and Jumbo Jenga.  These surprisingly didn’t get as much action as the Giant Connect 4 though.  Neither did the tables and chairs.  I don’t think I ever saw anyone sitting at the tables which surprised me.


Cornhole and Tables & Chairs


If you’re renting chairs for an upscale event, I’d clarify whether you can get chairs that do not have writing on the back of them.  The ones we received had the company’s name written on them.  It didn’t matter too much to me (especially since nobody really used the tables and chairs at our party), but if it was more of a formal sit-down event it would have bothered me.


The Delivery Process

We had a bit of a snafu with the delivery process, and the rentals weren’t ready for use before the party start time.  The delivery guy was very friendly and apologetic, but it was definitely frustrating.  I understand these things happen at times.  I learned the lesson that I should have clarified delivery time would occur at least an hour before the start time of the event regardless of the vendor.  I request you do the same!


Promo Code

Austin Bounce House Rentals has graciously offered to provide Four Points Mom readers with a special promo code to use that will give you 20% off any rental.  The Four Points Mom Reward code is FPM20Z.  Just enter that code in when checking out on the Austin Bounce House Rentals website.

Let me know if you end up using the code and what your thoughts are with Austin Bounce House Rentals!