Show & Tell Tuesday: Day in the Life

Show & Tell Tuesday: Day in the Life


Today for Show & Tell Tuesday I’m showing you all about a day in the life of me.  Weird, huh?  There are a few blogs I follow in which they’ve done this in the past and it is always interesting to me.  I love looking at how others manage the same randomness that we moms all manage and often learn random tips or read about funny stories in which I totally relate.  So, when I saw this on the calendar as a Link Up I thought “well, let’s see how random and boring my life really is!”

I actually documented this past Friday planning ahead for today’s post.  It was a somewhat typical day, but it was also the day before Foster’s birthday party so it was busy!

I started the day pretty early …



I often finish up my blog posts in the morning.  I do my best to avoid blogging when I could be hanging with the kids and/or my husband.  This doesn’t always happen, but I do try to start my day with an hour or so of blogging to get it out of the way before the kids wake up.  On Friday, I was finishing up my Friday Favorites post (which you can catch up on here).



After my post is ready I put together my Instagram images.



Shortly thereafter, my husband was up and I joined him out on the patio for about 5 minutes to chat and enjoy some coffee.  We usually have beautiful sunrises at our house but this morning it was a little cloudy.



And, oh yeah, look who also woke up extra early this morning.



I didn’t manage to get a photo of them both sneaking into my office at about 6 am.  Parker is usually my early riser, but the week before his party Foster was up as early or earlier than her because he just couldn’t contain his excitement.  Every morning he would walk in and tell me how many days until his party.   I love that boy.

In the mornings I usually let them watch a show.  If they wake up later than usual, I don’t turn the TV on because it distracts them too much.  But, if they’re up super early (like this day) they get to watch much more TV than usual.  (Don’t tell them this or else it will become the norm!)  I’ve learned that a little TV keeps them calm and helps me accomplish everything I need to in order to get out the door on time.  When I try to keep the TV off then they’re running around excited about the day, pulling out all kinds of toys and games, and then I’m frantically trying to wrangle them to get them out the door.  Hey – we’ve gotta do what we gotta do.  🙂

Next up, breakfast and school lunch prep.



The kids had some yogurt, cereal, and fruit while I packed their lunches.  If you are looking for a bento box-esque lunchbox for your kiddos, I highly recommend the Bentgo Kids boxes.  They’re perfect portions for my kiddos and help me ensure the kids got a well-rounded lunch.  Plus, I think they’re easy to clean.

And, here I am remembering that I also need to eat something.



On today’s delicious menu is a protein-packed English muffin with almond butter.  Yum …  Okay, it’s not my absolute favorite but I’m trying to track my food and this is a filling, somewhat healthy start to my day.  I’ve been using Lose It! to track my food so I pulled it out to enter in my food.  Obviously I did this right after getting dressed for the day and putting on my Apple Watch because my steps were way off!



I wish I could have had someone document my “alright let’s get out the door” routine because I’d love some feedback.  I don’t think there were any tears from the kids or yelling on my part this morning, though, so it was a great start to the day!  Ha.

Carpool time!



On Fridays my carpool buddy, Lacy, usually takes the kids to school but this Friday she was a lifesaver and offered to pick them up that afternoon so I could run some errands.  #awesomefriend #thekidsarecraziestonfridayafternoons

I wish I could have taken a video of them because they were signing their little hearts out this morning.

We got to the school and the kids ran to their classrooms.



This is about the time when I realized that I was somehow carrying all four backpacks.  No wonder my back’s been bothering me this week.

Alright, now is when my documenting became a little inconsistent.  Ha.  I went home after dropping the kids off, had a couple work calls, and managed to look up a few hours later to find the morning had passed me by.

I jumped in the car and headed to Costco.



Some days I love Costco and can spend hours in there.  On other days, I’m on a mission and need to get in and out super fast.  That was today. I grabbed some drinks for the party, ground beef and sliced ham for the party, a birthday gift for one of Foster’s friend, and was out of Costco in under 30 minutes.  It has to be a personal record!

Next, I stopped by Walmart to pick up up some party plates because I realized I didn’t have enough after my last trip.  Then, it was time to pick up the birthday boy’s cookie cake.



You can see the final product on yesterday’s post all about Foster’s Dinosaur Birthday Party.

What I didn’t document was my sprint through the mall to Chick Fil A because I was starving and a chicken sandwich sounded amazing.  So much for eating healthy today …

Back to the car where I continued listening to my latest book, Not My Father’s Son by Alan Cumming.



This book is very different from what I typically read but I’m really enjoying it.  You might recognize Alan Cumming from various shows, but I love him most on The Good Wife.

I picked the kids up from Lacy’s, went home to put Parker down for a nap, picked up the house a bit, updated my ever-growing to do list for the party, and spot-cleaned the downstairs patio furniture’s upholstery.



If you have light-colored patio furniture and have figured out the secret to keeping random black marks off of them, let me know!

At about 5:30 we loaded up the car and headed to Flores Mexican Restaurant to meet up with friends for dinner.  (You can find my review of Flores here, by the way.)



We were out super late which was wonderful considering we had an 8 am soccer game the next day.

Alright, that’s it for me today.  I hope I didn’t bore you too much.  Have a great day everyone!