What’s Up Wednesday (9-26-2017)

What’s Up Wednesday (9-26-2017)

I don’t know about you, but I am kicking this week’s tail.  Woohoo!  Anybody else feel this way?  I’m getting stuff done and I’m proud of it.  🙂  It also might be because today’s post is a “What’s Up Wednesday Post.”

This might be one of my favorite posts each month.  I link up with a few other ladies’ awesome blogs and share some random and fun things that are going in on in my life.  It’s called:



Each time I answer the following questions:


What's Up Wednesday Questions


Last month’s post was super fun, so let’s do it again today!


1. What We’re Eating This Week …

I’ve mentioned previously that we do our best to stick to a monthly budget.  Right now we’re at the end of the month (and it was a month with a couple family birthdays, activity sign-ups, etc … so I’m pulling out food from the freezer and pinching those pennies.  Okay, I’m being dramatic.  But I am holding off on several things on my “to buy” list until October.

Plus, the weather hasn’t exactly encouraged me to pull out my favorite fall recipes just yet.  I keep looking at my Fall Recipes Pinterest board … dreaming about my all-time favorite recipe, Pumpkin Chili.  OMG.  You have to try it!  I often use less peppers than it calls for (so the kids don’t complain about it being too spicy), and it’s a huge crowdpleaser.  You can find it on my board here:




However, I am excited that we’re headed to Napa Flats tonight for dinner.  I can’t wait to tell you all about the food, the playground, and (drumroll please …) how you can win a fabulous giveaway from Napa Flats!


2.  What I’m Reminiscing About …

After my Show & Tell Tuesday post on Reverse Bucket Lists I’ve been reflecting on how amazing my life truly is.



I mean seriously.  I’m holding back tears just thinking about my many blessings.  If you’re ever feeling blah or down, I encourage you to make your own reverse bucket list.  Look back on your life and write down everything you’ve done that you used to hope to be able to do some day.  Even more specifically, go through your old photos.  I opened up my Photos application on my computer and started at the beginning.  It’s sad how quickly we forget those bucket items.  And, with me, I only chose a handful to share with you.  I could go on and out about my friends, my family, my vacations, etc.  I’m sure you will be amazed at the length of your list too.  Let me know if you do this – I’d love to hear about it.


3.  What I’m Loving …

Shipt.  I’ve mentioned it a hundred times by now but I am SO happy I chose to sign up for Shipt a couple months ago.  After trying it out for free, I paid a one-time annual fee and never have to worry about additional fees for my groceries.  I tip the shopper according to their level of service and amount of shopping completed.  The shoppers have all been overly helpful, texting me photos of options or asking for clarification as applicable.  For more information, check out my grocery-delivery and curbside pick-up service reviews.


4.  What We’ve Been Up To …

Playing board games.


Foster and Monopoly Jr.


Foster is a competitive, analytical boy.  He can sit and play puzzles for hours.  I’ve mentioned before how I’m a nerd and like puzzles.  Well, then you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that I also like board games.  My husband will play board games but he’s not as much as a fan as I am.  I thought that Foster can be my board game buddy.  He has such an incredible memory (like his dad) and he is really into them.  He beat me at Guess Who? the first time he played.  No joke.


5.  What I’m Dreading …

Yard work!  We’re having Foster’s birthday party at the house in a couple weeks and there is SO much I want to accomplish in our yard beforehand.  And yard work often starts off as a small project and then becomes massive.  For example, last year a neighbor offered to give us their playscape as long as we took it apart and hauled it off.  A free playscape?  Of course we agreed.  But then we realized our yard is not flat AT ALL.  It’s actually very sloped.  So, before we could put the playscape back together in our yard we had to build out the base for it.  This involved digging down about two feet into mostly solid rock in some areas.  Then we had to bring down all of the limestone rocks to make the outer edge of the playscape area.



Everything you see had to be carried in wheelbarrows from the front of our house (which is about 1/8th of a mile away).  And did I mention our yard is on a very steep hill!  Then we made a nice big square out of them.



After that we had to fill it with pebble rocks.  A dump truck dumped an entire load in front of our house and we were able to use those fun wheelbarrows again.  🙂  But look at the end result!



All of that to say that I dread yard work because my projects typically take on a life of their own.  We thought we could get the playscape up in two weekends … that was a gross underestimate.  I’m hoping I keep my yard work plans in check this time!

And if you’re talented in the Austin landscaping field, let me know what low-maintenance plants you would recommend for a mostly shaded large bed under a tree.  We just put in new grass in our backyard but I decided to expanded an existing flower bed over the areas where the grass wasn’t growing well.  So I have a huge bed with nothing.  Help!


6.  What I’m Working On …

Losing weight.  Yeah, I know …


Angel Donuts Featured Photo


Writing my post on Angel Donuts & Treats this Monday didn’t exactly get me in the right frame of mind.  But I am trying to track my food on my Lose It app.  I recently switched over from MyFitnessPal.  They’re both pretty comparable in my mind, but let me know if there’s a different one you like better.


7.  What I’m Excited About …

Tomorrow night is Partnership for Children’s Girls & Giving Night!  Children in the foster care system hold a special place in my heart.  I love the chance to promote such a wonderful cause.  And I love getting to spend the night out with my girlfriends.  This photo (which I also posted yesterday in case you’re having a serious case of deja vu) was taken at last year’s event.


It blows my mind that I didn’t know any of these amazing women a little over two years ago.  🙂


8.  What I’m Watching/ Reading …

Well, first let me say DON’T TELL ME ANYTHING ABOUT THE PREMIERE OF THIS IS US.  Okay, sorry for shouting at you.  I’m just a little frustrated because Parker has been fighting bedtime the past couple of weeks and getting out of bed up to 10 times after we put her down.  Last night this occurred through the time of the show and I didn’t catch it.  We cut the cord this summer, so I couldn’t DVR it.  I have Hulu and will watch it ASAP, though.  🙂

The show Jarrod and I are currently watching is Ozark on Netflix.


I really like this show and so does Jarrod.  Shocking!  He usually gives up a few episodes into shows, but he’s still on board.  Jason Bateman is incredible in this show.  He surprised me with his ability to play such a dramatic role.  I just love him.  He’s one of those actors that I think I’d be friends with if we ever met in real life.  Because obviously he’d want to be friends with me, right?  😉

As far as books go, I just finished Landline and started reading All the Ugly and Wonderful Things.  If you missed my September Book Review, check it out here and I’ll be sure to let you know what I think of these two next month.


9.  What I’m Listening To …


All the time.  I’m not joking.  My kids love it and when the other kids I drive in carpool get in the car, they want to hear it.  This soundtrack is on repeat around here.  But, it could be worse.  I do love me some Justin Timberlake … 


11.  What I’m Wearing …


I have been so lazy in my wardrobe department lately.  Maybe it’s because I’m sick of my summer clothes and can’t fathom putting on my fall clothes yet.  It’s too dang hot.

Last week I shared with you three dresses I bought to decide between for tomorrow’s Girls and Giving event.  I think I’ve decided on the blue one … what to you think?



12.  What I’m Doing This Weekend …

Soccer momming and then yard work.  Jealous?


13.  What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month …

Fall weather would be nice.  Foster’s birthday party will be fun too.


14.  What Else Is New …

I’m starting to partner with several local businesses here in Austin which has been a goal of mine in setting up the Four Points Mom blog.  I truly want to help other moms in the area learn about businesses and activities that can help save them time and get out and have fun with their kids.  I can’t wait to fill you all in on some of the cool spots that will help you “mom.”


15.  Bonus Question:  What TV Show I’m Most Excited About This Fall …

This is Us and The Bachelor.


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Have a fantastic day!