Show & Tell Tuesday: Reverse Bucket List

Show & Tell Tuesday:  Reverse Bucket List


This morning I woke up and read one of my favorite blogger‘s posts and threw aside my almost-complete post for today and decided to give myself a lesson of gratitude.  This week’s Show & Tell Tuesday link-up is about Reverse Bucket Lists.  I’ve never heard of such a thing before, but a reverse bucket list is when you sit back and reflect on all of the amazing things you’ve already accomplished.  So, instead of thinking about what you want to do for a bucket list, you’re being grateful of everything you’ve already experienced.  I love this!

So, let’s get started …


Marrying My Perfect Match …



And Having the Wedding of My Dreams



Becoming a Lawyer …



And Finding the Job of My Dreams, Helping Others and Traveling the World Doing So






Seeing U2 In Concert (Many Times)


Making Lifelong Girlfriends 

(Shout out to my Zeta sisters …)





Receiving God’s Most Precious Blessing … 


Two Times …



And Knowing They Love Each Other SO MUCH!



Pulling Off a Half Marathon Within a Year After my Second Baby




Getting to Vacation with My Kiddos Every Summer Here



Becoming Part of a Community of Four Points Moms that Help Me Keep My Sanity



(And because my teenage self would “freak out” if I didn’t include the following reverse bucket list item)

Meeting NSYNC





Okay, that’s it for me today.  Tomorrow will be “What’s Up Wednesday” and then later this week we’ll talk about upcoming October events and finally get around to Foster’s birthday.  Have a great day everyone!