5 Reasons To Start Your Morning at Angel Donuts & Treats

5 Reasons To Start Your Morning at Angel Donuts & Treats


A couple weeks ago I posted a few photos from a trip to Angel Donuts & Treats with a teaser that I’d be back to tell you more.  Well, true to my word I’m here to let you know why we LOVE this Four Points spot.

Opened since 2012, Angel Donuts is located inside the Trails at 620 in front of Moviehouse and between Schlotzsky’s and Mattress Firm.


Angel Donuts Entrance



Angel Donuts is not your typical donut shop.  It’s anything but, actually.    I mean look at these beautiful donuts!



I know you’ll want to head to Angel Donuts to eat some delicious donuts, but just in case you need more encouragement, here are:


5 Reasons To Start Your Morning at Angel Donuts & Treats


1.  Legit Coffee


Again, unlike your typical donut shop, Angel Donuts actually has GOOD coffee.



I typically order a latte and it rivals the one I get from Starbucks.

Also, Angel Donuts recently opened a trailer further down 620 (right before the Lakeline Mall entrance) if you’re in a hurry and headed north.   What an easy way to grab a coffee on the go.  Plus, how cute is the trailer?



And if you’re not wanting coffee, they have plenty of other beverage options for you.


Angel Donuts Drinks


Are you a bubble tea aficionado?  They have over 10 options for you to try out too!


2.  Sometimes eating colors from the rainbow helps us beat the Monday blues.


I mean, look at these faces!


Donut Face


Parker watches Foster in awe, wondering if she can inhale a donut as fast.


Parker's Whoa Face


And then she tries it herself …


Parker Eating Donut


3.  There’s something for everybody!


If you are looking for your typical glazed, cake, filled, or bar donuts, you can still find them here.  But you’ll also face a wall of unique options for your taste buds.


Angel Donuts Counter


I actually didn’t realize just how many items were on the menu until I was looking at the Angel Donuts website for this post.  Brownie bites sound good?  Got ’em.  How about macaron ice cream sandwiches?  Yep.  Donut ice cream sandwiches?  OH. MY. WORD.  How have I never tried these before?

When we were there last time I did try one of their yummy kolaches.  (Sorry the photo is so blurry.)


Angel Donuts Kolache



4.  Cake balls make the perfect last-minute birthday or “just because” gift.


So Many Cake Balls



One of my girlfriends had a girls-only movie night at Moviehouse for her birthday last year, and I realized I forgot a gift as I pulled into the parking lot.  Angel Donuts to the rescue!  They have a HUGE variety of cake balls, and they wrapped them up for me in a pretty box with ribbon.  My friend raved at how much she loved the unique gift and she fought off all of us trying to steal some during the movie.


5.  Sometimes you just want a place to hang out, drink coffee, eat donuts, play a game, and enjoy free wifi.

Angel Donuts reminds me so much of this modern coffee house that I used to study at in law school.  It’s just a place that you can grab a table or chill on the couch and hang out with some friends (or by yourself).

The walls are lined with pieces of art from local artists.


Artwork on Walls


There is even a little area with couches and comfy chairs.  Plus, you can grab a board game or book to enjoy while you hang out.


Angel Donuts Games


As a side note, the bathrooms are super nice and clean.  I do wish they had a changing table in there though.

And, finally, be sure to take post on your favorite social media channel during your visit to get a free $5 gift card for your next trip.  What a great incentive to keep you coming back for more donuts and treats!

To find more options for Four Points Area treats, check out my Four Points Resource on Desserts & Treats.


What do you think of Angel Donuts?  Share with us your favorite treat from the shop!