4 Favorite Playgrounds in the Four Points

4 Favorite Playgrounds in the Four Points


It’s Friday!


What, what!!!

I’ve been couped up in the house with sick kiddos for over two weeks now, and I am ready for the weekend!  How about you?

As in the past couple Fridays, I’m linking up to Friday Favorites with a few of my favorite bloggers.


Since there hasn’t been much from this week that I’d consider a “favorite” (middle of the night wake-up calls by both kids multiple nights, work craziness, and inconsistent workouts as referenced in my recent Instagram post), I want to think about some of my favorites from the summer.  So, today I’m highlighting my 4 Favorite Playgrounds in Austin (close to the Four Points Area).  Grab your kids and water bottles and check out at least one of the playgrounds before the summer’s over.  Before we know it, they’ll be back in school and we’ll miss these lazy mornings at the playground.  Plus, the temperatures aren’t expected to get into the hundreds this coming week.  (Scroll back up and dance with Brad again.)

4 Favorite Playgrounds in Austin’s Four Points Area

1.  El Salido Park

You’ll love the shade, the kids will love the variety of equipment and you can even stop by next door at the El Salido Pool for a swim afterwards.  As I mentioned in my post about El Salido Park, The kids will climb to new heights and enjoy the thrill of the swinging zip line.

El Salido Zip Line Swing

2.  Sun Tree Park

Sun Tree Park

We had a ton of fun the morning we had a breakfast picnic at Sun Tree Park.  Bring kids of all ages to enjoy the playscapes designed for both your bigs and your littles.

Sun Tree Park Sandbox

Plus, pull out those beach toys and your kids will spend hours in the sandbox making sand castles.  Read my Sun Tree Park post to find out more.

3.  Elizabeth Milburn Park

Elizabeth Milburn Playground

As I gushed in my post on Elizabeth Milburn Park, this is an awesome playground.  Let your kids hang out upside down on the jungle gym and maybe even stop by the BMX track to watch or ride their own bikes (if they’re up for the challenge).

Elizabeth Milburn Playground Climb

You can even bring swimsuits and cool off in the pool next door.  You can find the pool hours and fees in my Splash Pads & Pools Four Points Resource.

4.  Trailhead Park

Trailhead Park

Many of you recommended Trailhead Park in Canyon Creek, so I knew we wanted to stop by this summer.  We finally did and wow!  I loved it.  The kids loved it.  We’ll be back for sure!

The park is actually really big and open and so pretty.  The kids had ample room to run and play.  Plus, the main playscape is wheelchair-accessible which also means easily accessible for parents.

Trailhead Park - Playground

I loved how I could just walk around with Parker and play with her on the interactive puzzles and games.

Trailhead Playground Jungle Gym

Trailhead Playground Rock

Plus, Foster enjoyed practicing his acrobatics on the “big kid” jungle gyms.  I’ll be writing a separate post soon, but I wanted to share now so you can get out there yourself!


Okay, that’s it for me today.  If you’ve been following my posts, you might remember that I mentioned that I’m writing a grocery-delivery and curbside pick-up service comparison post in which I’ll compare all available services (including Instacart, Shipt, Burpy, Amazon Prime Now, Randall’s Delivery, H-E-B Curbside Pickup, and Walmart Curbside Pickup).  Well, it’s almost ready and I’ll post it Monday.  I CANNOT WAIT to share my month’s research and recommendations with you then.

Happy Friday Friends!!!